Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Looking forward to PCVS presentation

I am looking forward to the presentation at P.C.V.S. for L.D.A.P. tonight at 7pm.

Here is a link to a pdf I will mention tonight - Learning Differently

See everyone tonight!


  1. the screen is difficult to read; wish there was handouts

  2. 5 Feb 2013

    Please let me know if your presentation (27 Feb 2013) can help a 31 year old who uses a computer constantly and an old Franklin (that needs upgrading) when reading to help her Grade 2 to 5 abilities. As her mother I've been waiting over two years to figure out just what device we can put our meagre resources into that will build her confidence and skills and am told that LDA here can, for a fee!, determine what might help. We would like good direction, without cost, in order to purchase, with funding if possible, any technology that will build communication skills and develop her natural tendencies toward creative art. Does your presentation help these decisions? Or, are my worst fears of seeing many other devices in others hands making me feel more frustrated and annoyed.

    Also, from reading your blog I'm getting conflicting times for your presentation at PCVS in Peterborough and feel the communications are not clear. As my daughter already has a serious problem with communications this is not helpful and makes me think twice about this presentation. Oh, oh I just noted that you HAD A presentation in Mar 2012! And, I'm extremely literate! I'm feeling suckered. Is that what you want?

    Please email me at Thanks.